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Writing and producing music for TV and shows in the US

A ZROQ story

During the many trips I did in the US I always come across new musicians. and from there to start a new project is always easy done. One time it happened that I met people who worked for TV shows and music for TV programs. It is a complete different approach of music , but I always thought it was interesting to give it a try and see what I can do with it.I did write some music , that ended up in shows like Fox sport. And a few tracks I did ended up in TV shows. This seems a big business , I did not expect to make some good financials out of these tracks. But more important was tat it is fun to do. 

It is a complete different approach of music 

I always believe someone needs to do something that is enjoyable to work at.  In the past i wrote at least 50 tracks that were exclusively used for TV shows and entertainenment programs.  It happened a few times i was watching a TV program and heard pieces of my own music. I was confused at first and thought someone was copying my melodies, but later i found out they really used my tracks for the shows.  It was a bit funny to see it happened or real. I was not used to hear my music on TV. 

Also this is a job you can do for your entire life and from any location in the world.  However, it feels a bit different to make music that will never end up at the dance floor. 

Crossroads of the world

One of the studio's in Los Angeles where i used to work a lot on TV music

More story's are on the way as well as new music and a new tour ! Stay tuned for more updates , and come back soon !