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A ZROQ story

In 2013

I was approached by Syndicate agency. They asked me if I was interested to do some shows with them. I agreed and this was one of the best times I could wish for.  They did an excellent job, and organized these wonderful tours in Asia. So it happened that they suddenly sent me to go on tour together with Laidback Luke  A big Dj name in the scene. We had a lot of fun and did a few clubs on the tour  We stayed in the best 5 star hotels , and visited cities like Shanghai and Beijing. The clubs were high quality places and I enjoyed every second of it 

The clubs were high quality places and I enjoyed every second of it 

Than the agency sent me to play at the famous Ministry of Sound club in London. As a coincidence that was where the Nervo girls were playing at the same night as well.  That is where we met for the first time in person. And it was a beautiful time.  We already had the #1 hit in the US , but we never spoke to eachother in real life. until we met first time at the show in London that night. ‚Ä®Syndicate agency did truly an amazing job to arrange all these great events to me. 

 Another tour they did was to sent me to Jakarta for a show in a good club  , Taiwan was amazing as well. And few more Asian cities.  In between I did a show in Tokyo, and had a stop in Bangkok. To be a part of the Syndicate agency team was like a dream came true. 


Club TK - Tokyo, Japan !

More story's are on the way as well as new music and a new tour ! Stay tuned for more updates , and come back soon !