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Remixing A-artists

A ZROQ story

Around 2013

 I did quite some big tracks. I had the WTF release on Protocol records with Nicky Romero . Than I had the SKYDROP Release with R3hab onTiesto’s label. Than I had the "HOLD ON" song , a #1 hit in the US with Nervo. Suddenly I had emails from the US writing me for management. If I was interested ? One of them was a girl who worked as an A&R for Universal Records LA. 

Suddenly I had emails from the US writing me offering management.If I was interested ?

I decided to go visit her in LA , because I was there anyway as usual in November. We met and we became good friends 
She started to send me these projects from A- artists. So it happened that I was suddenly making remixes for artists like Christinia Aquilera. 
Usher, and a few more names. I also did a remix for Taylor Swift , but that project was sent to me by Avery Andon, another management from New York . 

I didn’t do too many of these remixes , because it requires a lot of energy and I preferred to spend my time on writing music for my own projects.

Christina Aguilera - Your Body (ZROQ Remix)

RCA Records.

More story's are on the way as well as new music and a new tour ! Stay tuned for more updates , and come back soon !