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Arriving in Poland !

A ZROQ story

It was 2003.

The summer was just getting started and I got a sudden phonecall from Poland ? Eventhough I was never in Poland before at that time , I always hoped to get an opportunity to get there some day if I would have a chance. On the phone was Darek Plaza, A Polish DJ named DJ Tiddey , who asked me to come play in Poland. Because he liked my track “Good Time” on Spinnin records.I agreed to come to the party but I was not sure how to arrive there. He suggested to come pick me up with his luxury Mercedes. Together with his cameraman Guciu. I thought it was going to be a long ride. But he ensured me we could do the trip in one afternoon. So he picked me up and we drove to Kolobrzeg , a city on the Baltic Sea. 

The Sunrise Festival grew into an event of matching world quality.

There was a new festival and I was welcomed as a DJ guest from the Netherlands. I was surprised how well the event was organized , The Sunrise Festival , and i met with the owner dj Kris. I think there were about 3000 people and the positive atmosphere was something I never had seen before except in Japan. Everybody was extremely enthusiastic about the music , and it was beautiful to see.  I fell in love with Poland from the very first moment. The show was a big succes , and we all became close friends since that day.  I got invited quickly again for more shows through the entire country. We drove around in an old east European style minivan bus , from village to village , from club to club.  And we had the biggest fun. We kept doing this every few months.

I fell in love with Poland from the very first moment.

 Also I had the chance to be invited in the legendary club EKWADOR, owned by DJ Kris. This was a club life experience on the highest level someone can imagine. and then the summer came again, and the second time of the Sunrise Festival was organized again, and I was asked to come back for a new visit. This event was organized even bigger and there were a lot of camera’s. It was because of the camera’s that my name was growing popularity in the country. 

I suddenly had a reputation of a superstar. Lots of random people in the street recognized me and asked for an autograph or a picture. 
I ended up going to Poland so many times that it started to become like my second home. I made more friends on each visit. And was able to see every corner of the entire country. I did more than 100 shows in the past years. The Sunrise Festival grew into an event of matching world quality. In 2019 it became one of the largest and most successful music events in the world. 

 I am thankful to be involved with it from the very first moment  

and will never forget that DJ Tiddey and Dj Kris gave me a chance to be a part of it. 

Amfiteatr - Kolobrzeg

Sunrise Festival - Poland