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The Amsterdam-Los Angeles Connection

A ZROQ story

One of my good old friends, DJ jean, asked me to come hang out in LA where he had a show for the weekend. I Always love to vist LA for any occasion so I decided to join him on the trip. He was asked by the Chiippendales team for an exclusive Jetset party in Hollywood. It sounded like a lot of fun and so we went to the event. 

We had the best time and the organizers were the most friendly people I could imagine and we became close friends from the start. The promotors Steve Castro and TJ Hoban became instant brothers for life. The party was a huge succes but Jean had to leave back to Amsterdam in the next days because he had a residency in his own club in Amsterdam every week. 

Every show was packed with jetset , limousines, a large group of best friends. 

However I was not in a hurry myself to go back, and the promotors asked me if I could stay for the next event and be the dj on this coming party. I was honored and said yes immediately and my life turned into one big party factory. Every weekend there was another jetset party and we had the biggest fun. I stayed for a while and went back to Amsterdam after a few months. They asked me to come back soon , but I was unable to fly myself every weekend to LA . 

So I suggested to send my DJ friends instead.  I called all my friends who wanted to go party in LA on a jetset party. And the list of friends was growing. One of the DJ;s I sent was the Amsterdam big famous DJ Vandy O’Mall. Who later connected his own Amsterdam based After Hour Power concept to the guys in LA. 

The club scene in LA was growing by every event and I came back every November to do a big yearly anniversary show. Every show was packed with jetset , limousines, a large group of best friends. And we made it the best time of our life. We became a family and every visit was a magic time. LA became like my extra home in the years.


Club Avalon , Hollywood, 3.00 AM !